Review Policy

Review Policy

Reviews, and the scores attached, can often be a complex organism. That’s why at TheGameJar we’ve opted to walk down a much simpler path. We review as many formats as we can possibly cover, and are always looking into new emerging areas such as mobile and browser. Should you be a publisher or developer (no matter how big or small) and would like us to cover your game then simply head over to our contact page and drop us a message.

All our reviews operate on a simple scoring system, on a grade of one (the lowest) to ten (the highest). Each score can be easily identified from the list below:

score 10

score 9

score 8

score 7

score 6

score 5

score 4

score 3

score 2

score 1

– Phenomenal


– Amazing


– Very Good


– Good

– Fair

– Average

– Below Par

– Poor

– Terrible

– Absolutely awful

While we do endeavour to have all our reviews published ahead of release, there are times when circumstances dictate we push the publishing date back. Regardless, you can rest assured that all our reviews are carried out with a high level of integrity and professionalism. Should a game warrant over thirty hours of play time to sample all it has to offer, then that’s what we’ll give it.

At the end of the day every game is different and that’s why we treat them all as individuals.

Hardware Reviews

We will from time to time venture into reviewing hardware that we feel is relevant to our readers, which obviously can’t be reviewed the same way a game can. We have kept the same 1-10 score system, but employ a sightly different meaning to the numbers.

10/10 – You need this in your life!

9/10 – Highly recommended and something we have no problems suggesting you spend you hard earned money on.

8/10 – Excellent value for money and something you should seriously consider.

7/10 – Well worth a try.

6/10 – These are good but have a look at alternatives and decide for yourself.

5/10 – OK-ish

4/10 – Poor

3/10 – Below par

2/10 – Terrible

1/10 – Don’t even turn on