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TheGameJar team are heading to gamescom and we’re kind of taking you with us. Join Jenn, Lee, Ryan, Adam, Josh and Joey for all the hot news direct from the show floor. We’ll have previews, interviews, podcasts, videos, competitions and anything else we game think of. Want to keep in the loop with what we’ve got going on? Make sure your following us on all our social pages because they’ll be secret exclusive stuff on each of them.

gamescom 2012: As It Happens

This is gamescom 2012 as it happens, the full list of what we’ve been up to as it happens. Looking for something more specific? Swing by the sections below.

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We’re going to be going hands on with as many games as we can get… our hands on and doing our best to get our take out to you guys as quick as we can. In here is where you’ll find all our articles and previews of what we’ve played so be sure to check back regularly and more importantly let us know what you think, either by tweeting us, writing on our Facebook and commenting on the posts.

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We plan on talking to anybody we and when possible we want to get your involved too, keep an eye on our twitter to find out who we are talking to and send us your questions for them. We’ll do our best to find out what you want to know and if we can wangle it get hold of a prize for the best one.

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Our Videos

That’s right we have a camera, a YouTube Channel and we’re not afraid to use them. In here you’ll find our video diaries, booth tours, daily round ups and more. So sit back relax and watch gamescom from the safety of your sofa.

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