Defiance Preview

It would be a rather rare sight to see me playing an MMO for several hours on end. In fact, if you know anything about my gaming habits you will realise I don’t touch the things, for fear of being sucked in and the little time I do have to devote to gaming relinquished from me forever. I’m sure they’re great games, and create a sense of community amongst the players, but they’re just not part of my agenda. This is why, when asked to go along to a day of playing Defiance, a brand new FPS MMO developed by Trion Worlds, I probably wasn’t the right candidate. Then again, if there was ever a time to sway someone who doesn’t play a single game in the genre, it would be when there’s a TV show attached to it.

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Interview with Senior Producer Rob Hill

It really started with the fact that NBC Universal is an investor in Trion and they also own Syfy. When we first got into this we started looking at NBC Universal and Syfy properties to say “hey, we want to make this mass-online game – what properties exist in our investor that we can take advantage of?” What we discovered was that television shows and movies tend to be kind of small, because they have to tell a drama, or a comedy or whatever and they don’t think about a huge science-fiction universe. We explained this to our CEO – we showed him the list and we’re like “see, with all these we can’t really make a massive online game based around them”, so he went to dinner with the president of the Syfy channel, Dave Howe.

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