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Metro Redux - Preview 3

Now that we’re in the ‘next-generation’ of hi-tech wizardry, its only natural that developers will want to see their previous projects in all their digitally-enhanced HD glory. There’s going to a lot of HD-remakes on the horizon, in case you weren’t aware, and we’ve already encountered a few. There are those that have simply had a new lick of paint; made to look a bit shinier with new lighting mechanics and other magic I’m not familiar with, but still feel clunky and ‘old’ to today’s standards due to a lack of reworking on the actual gameplay aspect. This is where 4A Games and Deep Silver hope to shake things up a little…

Metro Redux is, first and foremost, a remastered bundle of both 2033 and Last Light (with all the DLC attached). You can buy each game individually, or together if that’s how you roll. Each will cost you around £15, or if you already own a previous copy on Steam (no matter how much you paid for it – Humble Bundle or the like), you get a 50% discount. For a game as rich and interesting as Metro, I’d say that’s a pretty good deal!

However, you’re not going to part with your hard-earned cash, no matter what deal you’re getting, if you’re not buying a fully next-gen experience, right? I mean, 4A Games are stating that Metro Redux will be ‘the best remastered package ever…’. That’s a lot to live up to…

Metro Redux - Preview 1I thought I’d best try some of 2033, over Last Light, seeing as it is the older title of the two and would have had the most work done to it. It’s had a complete overhaul of graphics, gameplay… the lot. Although the same game in story and essence, it no longer resembles a grey, drab city – rich in textures and colour (by this I don’t mean it’s covered in rainbows), 2033 is up there in looking great against next-gen counterparts. Weather systems, day and night cycles – they all add to the overall ‘shiny’ factor. Of course, as I said previously, a HD remake is nothing if you only focus on the graphics. The gameplay behind the beauty will still feel tired to today’s standards. This is not the case, however – everything about 2033 has been reworked to make it ‘up to date’, as it were. Gunplay, movement, interactions – they’ve all been improved. Areas have been expanded upon so there is more to explore; if you think you know the original game inside and out you are in for a treat. Character models have been completely redesigned, and that visor wipe from Last Light has also made an appearance.

New game modes have also been added; 2033 and Last Light had similar settings, yet different ways of tackling each situation. The former was more stealth-based; hide in the shadows, limited ammo, while the latter was far more offensive, with big guns, and less of that sneaking around (well, you can’t really with big guns). You now have the option to play either way, on either game – so if you prefer the survival style, you can always try your hand at Last Light in that mode, or vice versa with ‘Spartan’ mode. It mixes it up somewhat for those that have already played through both games – something that is needed when creating a remastered version. For those who need even more, there is Ranger mode… no HUD, the most limited supply of, well, everything, and hard as nails enemies. Not sure I would fair too well against it, but some might like the challenge!

So I set to work on a ‘normal’ level of 2033. Metro through and through, this was nerve wracking. Every corner, room, fall was as intense as the next. You can hear echoing moans from giant, lumbering monsters up ahead, howls from outside in the snow, the bellowing swoop of wings from those crazy looking dragon things that pick you up and throw you somewhere completely unidentifiable to where you just were on the map. I learnt very quickly that, even though I was playing in Spartan mode, sneaking through rubble, along walls in the shadows, would still come in handy in most situations. That being said, my shotgun was pretty effective at times. I managed two different levels before I had to take a breather; I’m not so apt when it comes to concentrating and sneaking at the best of times. That poor controller got quite sweaty…

Last Light was a pretty glorious game in itself, so this renovation has been slight but effective. As I’ve said previously, it has been rebuilt for the next-gen experience, bundled with all DLC currently available, and includes each of the game modes to try your hand at.

Metro Redux - Preview 2

All this ‘remaking’ has apparently not hindered the creation of a new game from the development team – in fact it has only ‘enhanced’ their knowledge of the next-generation systems to produce something exciting in the coming months… years… who knows. 4A weren’t giving too much away, but something is coming! If it is anything like the experience I’ve had with Metro Redux already, it will be well worth it. To be honest, picking up either remastered version is a steal at the price it’s being offered, and I would suggest anyone try it… just maybe wipe the controller down afterwards because that sweaty palms feeling just doesn’t go away.


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