Welcome To 2014 With TheGameJar

Welcome To 2014 With TheGameJar

Another year is finally over. It seems like it’s been a long one…

I quite like writing these posts every year – it makes me remember how lucky we are to have the amazing community that we do. Thank you to everyone who visits once, twice, three times… I’m not going to sing. Thank you to everyone that comments, who follows us on social media, who simply read or watch what we do. It’s you we do this for, and for our love of gaming. We always love meeting like-minded people and 2013 has been no exception.

Our team have attended several expos this year, and met so many of you at parties, around on the show floors, on trains… it’s amazing! It’s also a little odd to know people by their internet aliases rather than their real names, and shouting it across a room to get their attention, but that’s how we live these days, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. We’re hoping to visit a whole load of expos this year too, so if you see us around, please come and say hello – it really makes our day!

We also held our second annual picnic in Hyde Park. I can’t begin to explain how excited and happy it makes me to see everyone come together and have a fun day in the sun, chatting about games, drawing, playing frisbee… Swingball if we can get it in the ground. And that’s all before the Nerf guns come out! There’s no doubt in my mind that we will hold another picnic this summer, and I hope even more people will attend and make it the biggest turn-out yet.

2014 will see in our 2nd birthday – I can’t believe it’s almost 2 years since we started TheGameJar. Our team has grown to almost double in the last few months, so I would like to officially welcome the new faces to our family! New people comes new ideas, and there’s so much to look out for on the site. If there is anything you think we could improve on, or even start doing, we would love to hear about it – after all, if it’s what the readers want, then the readers shall receive… probably.

You can always contact us via the contact form, comments on posts, our Twitter/Facebook, or if you really want you can email me personally. We honestly do love to hear from you!

Anyway… we hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas, and a happy new year!

- Jenn

Jennifer Ann

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