Microsoft Invite Gamers To The New Generation With Xbox One


Microsoft have today launched their trailer for the imminent launch of their new console, Xbox One. Due out November 22nd, it’s something many gamers have been looking forward to, besides the PS4 launch. Regardless of the slightly bumpy road Microsoft have created for themselves over the last few months regarding the features of the Xbox One, it’s still an exciting time for everyone involved, and those eagerly clutching at their pre-order receipts.

It seems they have gone all out with this, and rightly so. Titans crashing from the sky, Steven Gerrard pointing at things, and even Zach Quinto beaming down to abduct a unsuspecting lady – it’s all pretty awesome. If you don’t get excited for the Xbox One from this… well, it’s too late for you.

This is an invitation to a new generation. Where your games and entertainment are no longer separated, but together in one. This is an invitation from the all-in-one, Xbox One. Jump ahead.

Are you going to be picking up an Xbox One at launch, or are you more a PS4 fan? Will you be holding onto your money until after Christmas instead? Let us know!

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