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Grand Theft Auto V is the biggest video game of all time. I’m sure millions of hours have already been poured into it by players around the world looking for missing UFO pieces, assassinating business leaders and generally causing havoc with Trevor around Los Santos and Blaine County.

The best thing about Grand Theft Auto V thing for us is the release of Grand Theft Auto Online along with it. Now we can all dick about online, together, causing havoc and occasionally shooting our friends at point blank range with a sawn of shotgun. And what better way to celebrate the fact that GTA Online seems to have got it’s shit together (and is giving us 500,000 GTA$ over the next couple of weeks) than to organise the first GameJar GTA Online Community Night… we could do with a snappier title, I agree.

We have some of your favourite (!) GameJar writers lined up to host on both 360 and PS3, so regardless of what platform you are on you can join in the fun.

The Plan

Date – Thursday 31st October

Time8pm GMT / 4pm EDT / 1PM PDT

PS3 Hosts PSN IdsSanimal, DaveOTronB

Xbox 360 HostsSGT Benton, MrAnthonyDR

The Crew

TheGameJar has it’s very own Crew on the Rockstar Social Club, so if you want to get involved head over to:

…and request an invite and earn more RP in game as we all play together.

It will undoubtedly be an intense evening of helicopter deathmatches, Last Team Standing gun battles, Top Fun Jet races and general tom-foolery, so get in the mood by having quality videogame bantz over on TheGameJar Forums.

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