Tell Us Your GTA V Launch Stories

Tell Us Your GTA V Launch Stories

There’s only really one thing going on in the gaming world this week. Grand Theft Auto V is drumming up more world records for sales and violence than Chris Brown in a battered women’s shelter.

It’s being reported that sales have already dwarfed Call of Duty’s record of being the biggest entertainment release in history, with $800m being made in just 24 hours. To put that into perspective, the highest grossing movie made about three times this much – but over the course of a year.

As you’d expect from a release of this magnitude, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. Some people who’ve downloaded it on PS3 are finding it almost unplayable, and 360 owners who’ve installed both discs are having similar issues. Not to mention that Amazon’s dispatch strategy seems to have been more erratic than Glasgow’s X Factor auditions.

We’d love to hear your stories of the GTA V launch. Have you had any problems? Did you queue up at midnight on Monday? Did any real life violence take place – because as we all know the very existence of violent games compels everyone under 25 to immediately rip each other to shreds?

Leave us your comments and stories in our thread, and we’ll read the best one’s out on the next podcast.

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