Let’s Moan Together – Gamer Pet Peeves

Let’s Moan Together – Gamer Pet Peeves

It’s certainly been a year for people to moan about things. With a new console generations comes the time when everyone stands up and chooses a side, talks about how their preferred console is the best and that if they were in charge of designing a console they could do it better than anyone.

It needs to stop. Let’s stop fighting against each other. We should all come together under one cause. No, I’m not talking about the fact that we are all gamers and should live in a world of gaming love and harmony, but there are niggling little things that we can all agree are rubbish and can moan about together! Below is a list of three things in gaming that are so infuriating and pointless that hopefully we can all agree it needs to change.

Xbox 360 Game Packaging

There has never been anything more ridiculous in gaming than Xbox 360 game packaging, nothing at all. No sexism debate, no ‘school kid shooting up a school because video games’ report, nothing. Sony’s games, even though their cases are smaller for the PS3 manage to have a nice easy-open cover – the cellophane peels off and falls to the ground as easily as a lady of the night’s underwear. Even Nintendo have got it right with the Wii U; it’s probably the only thing they have got right with it to be fair. But Microsoft’s games, my god, it’s like breaking into fort Knox. First you have the cellophane with no easy-peel and after you attack it like a mad man with a knife and you think you are in, you then have their stupid security tag thing! Some of them come off pretty easily, most don’t. But when I have spent £40 on a game I want to be able to play that product as quickly as I can (I’m ignoring Sony’s install times for this little rant…), but after spending an extra four hours trying to get into the box sometimes I can’t even be bothered to carry on.

Microsoft, sort it out for the Xbox One – I’m sure you can do another U-Turn on your rubbish packaging.

the_legend_of_zelda__start_screenPress Start

I’m surprised no-one has actually brought this up before, or there hasn’t been an international Twitter furore about it (as is common place in the games industry). You know that little screen before the main menu? That one that is just a huge piece of branding in your face, even though you have already purchased the sodding game? That’s what I’m talking about here. Why does this screen even exist anymore? It’s what the main menu is for, surely? Pressing start to begin hasn’t been necessary since the days of god awful arcade games where you popped your money in the slot, got a couple of lives to play with and actually pressed start to, you know, start the actual game.

Do away with this outdated and utterly backwards feature. We got rid of apartheid, we can get rid of this. Come on people.

Selecting a Storage Device

storage xboxNow, by reading the title of this you may think “but Joe, you need to tell the console if you want to save to the hard drive, cloud or USB”, and in most cases you would be right. Picture this. You have your 360 on and you fire up a game of FIFA 13. You aren’t connected to the internet and you go to jump to the main menu. You then get a pop up asking you to select your storage device. There is only one option; hard drive. Why the hell does it need to ask you what storage device you want to save your data to if there is only one option?! It’s pretty obvious you want to save it to the only device capable of storing your saved data.

Even when there are multiple choices, why does it need to ask me every single time I turn the same game on? What logic is going on in the system? “Oh, Joey saved his game on the hard-drive the last a-hundred-and-fourteen times he’s played this, but maybe this time he’ll save to that unformatted USB!” It just seems inexcusably lazy to not even think about adding default settings, or to even try to remember what I chose the last dozen times I played this game.

I’m pro choice, but that is just ridiculous.

My job is done here. In fewer than 900 words I have united the world of video gaming. It feels quite nice actually; I’m getting a tingling feeling. Now I can now kind of appreciate how Nelson Mandela feels.

Enough blowing my own trumpet though – what other little niggling, annoying things should be added to the list? If we get a list big enough we can take it all the way to the big cheeses in Washington, Downing Street, Ayers Rock or wherever your politicians live.

Remember, divided we fall, together we can moan that little bit louder.

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