New GTA V Screenshots – Bring a Towel!

New GTA V Screenshots – Bring a Towel!

If anyone knows how to get gamers’ pants bulging, it’s Rockstar. This week we’ve been treated to a dozen new screenshots of GTA V, and boy do they make us feel like September is aeons away. From the looks of things we’ll be reaching new heights in Los Santos’s planes, and sinking to new lows – in scuba gear. “Lemme see ‘em!”, we hear you scream. Well, put on your ‘excited’ pants on, sit back and speculate with us!

gta v 5

Rockstar have added destructibility to certain objects in the game, like these construction barriers…

Here are two words that every GTA fan has said, saliva dripping hungrily, when asked what they’d like to see in a future GTA title. The addition of more ‘destructible scenery’ will add a whole new dimension to your criminal escapades. We imagine blasting away some support pillars with an RPG, to see pursuing officers hilariously crushed beneath falling objects. At the very least this screenshot tells us that the fun of high-speed chases will be rekindled.

gta v 9

GTA V contains the largest skybox Rockstar have ever created for a game, giving you plenty of room to fly planes around.

We’ve known planes will be back on the menu for a while now, but the menu keeps on growing. By our count, this is the fourth one we’ve seen, alongside the crop-duster, the Learjet, and of course the fighter-jet. Don’t forget to pack your ‘chute.

gta v 2

With a land mass 3.5 times the size of Red Dead Redemption, the world of GTA V is absolutely massive!

If this stat is accurate, it raises a few mild concerns. With the growing trend of multi-disc console games (which is inevitable as the hardware capabilities are stretched at the end of the generation) we hope GTA V will be able to handle this gargantuan scope without losing any quality. That said, there can never be too much space to play in, especially when your toys include fighter-jets, speedboats, sports cars, and rocket-launchers.

gta v 4

Certain boats contain scuba equipment, which allows you to search the ocean bed for shipwrecks and other points of interest.

As dashing as Trevor looks in a tight rubber suit, the most exciting thing about this image is the fact that he’s not alone. For the first time in GTA history, the ocean depths are not somewhere you’ll end up accidentally – there will be things to do. Other than the caption, we don’t know what these things will be, but of course we are free to wildly speculate. You don’t have a parachute without an aircraft, so…submarines in Grand Theft Auto? We hope so.

gta v 6

The Ballers and The Lost return to GTA V, bringing two very different gang cultures…

We’re in San Andreas. There are gangstas popping drive-bys in the hood. They’re wearing green and shooting at guys wearing purple. The words ‘Grove Street’ are dancing enticingly in gamers’ minds the world over. That’s right – this September you’ll be bouncing through the ghetto in a low-rider, shooting poor young fella’s who happen to like the colour purple. Barney beware.

gta v 1

Before major heists, players must conduct several side missions to prep. For this mission in particular, you must pick up boilers suits, choose masks, collect the vehicles necessary for the job, and find a spot to hide the getaway car.

Here’s a bit more of a meaty caption, so we’ll spend a little more time analysing it. One of the previous game’s more disappointing aspects was that the story didn’t deliver the feeling of individuality it promised. Yes, there were ‘branches’ in the story, but the whole thing felt flat and procedural against gamers’ expectations.

GTA V promises a much higher degree of customisation and player-dictated build-up. While it may seem trivial, things like this have a big impact on player immersion; you feel like it’s you orchestrating and executing the mission, rather than just guiding some Eastern European chap to the next check-point over and over again.

On top of this, we have the inclusion (or re-inclusion) of character abilities and vehicle customisation. By building up your characters and cars, you’ll be able to pull off missions your own way. Imagine spending a hour or so customising and testing the perfect get-away car, then hiding it in plain sight, ready for your escape. You leave your best driver in there, armed with his favourite weapon.

gta v 11  gta v 12  gta v 8

Upon exiting the target building, you’re greeted by cover-fire from your driver, who lovingly picks off your pursuers as you leap into the vehicle, before nitrous-ing away into the sunset. It’s exactly how GTA should be – a true sandbox. Let’s just hope that the execution matches the hype.

gta v 3

When the shootouts begin in missions with multiple characters, you can switch between them freely.

This is probably the party-piece of the entire game. Literally a game-changing feature – switching between players mid-fight will – if implemented seamlessly – completely transform GTA V’s missions. It also lends some interesting possibilities for the line between multiplayer and single-player to blur. The only thing more fun than carefully plotting one of these ‘heists’ like a grand criminal mastermind, is to do it with a friend.

The wanted system has changed slightly in GTA V. You can still outrun the cops by staying out of their line of sight, but you can also find good hiding spots to wait them out.

The wanted system has changed slightly in GTA V. You can still outrun the cops by staying out of their line of sight, but you can also find good hiding spots to wait them out.

Grand theft Auto is all about battling the five-o, so this hint at the new wanted system will have a lot of heads red-raw from intrigued scratching. The brief description reminds us of the system we’ve seen employed in some of the need for speed games; certain objects and areas can serve as hiding spots – so long as you can find and enter them without being spotted. This leaves the police to drive violently through the city until, presumably, they get bored and decide you’ve probably evaporated or something.

gta v 10

Players can spend their hard earned money on luxury cars, helicopters, marinas, and even businesses.

Businesses were something we saw in the PSP spin off Vice City Stories. The Achilles heel (or more like Achilles leg) for virtually every GTA game in history has been that in-game money is ultimately pointless. You either have none, or far too much. Clearly Rockstar will address this in the new game by giving you lots of shiny things to spend your hard-stolen cash on. Glorious.

So there you have it. Excited? You should be. Grand Theft Auto has built up a legacy of amazing games. A lot of people felt that GTA 4 was a little flat, and are allowing their internet-cynicism to get the best of them. But Red Dead Redemption proved that Rockstar still have their mojo, and everyone is allowed an off-game, right? From these screenshots there’s nothing to worry about – so it’s officially OK to be excited for GTAV – the last hoorah of the PS360 generation.

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