Motocross Madness Review
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Dev: BongFish/Microsoft
Genre: Racing
Platforms: XBLA
Release Date: 10/04/13

Motocross Madness Review

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Good: Friend Challenges
Bad: Not many tracks
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Motocross Madness is a new arcade title on the Xbox Live marketplace. You take to many types of motorbikes across many different landscapes, from the pyramids of Egypt to the deserts of Australia, then to the snowy hills of Iceland. Take your Xbox Live avatar out of its comfort zone and onto the track.

motocross madness 1Motocross Madness in such good fun, whether you’re racing on single player campaign or trying to beat people from all over the world on multiplayer. There are four modes to keep you entertained; classic racing, which is exactly as you’d expect – crossing the line first by whatever means necessary, whether you use short cuts or boost your way to victory; rivals mode will see you test out your speed against times set by the developers, then see how you stack up against the rest of the world; exploration allows you to explore the three landscapes – if you just want to play about with no pressure to win this is perfect.

The single player is made up of four event modes – nine straight up races, nine rivals races, nine exploration medals to acquire and the final is a trick session. So it isn’t a quick single player and at times it feels to drag on. The races only last around five minutes but it feels more like fifteen. The AI racers are not particularly difficult to leave behind, so you find yourself riding round alone… that is just boring.

You would think that multiplayer would make it more exciting. It does to an extent, but that still doesn’t mean it transforms the game from slightly boring to amazingly great fun. Sadly I never found myself playing this for more than a short space of time. It’s reasonable in small doses but it gets boring quickly, for adults at least. I let a seven year old play it and he thought it was brilliant. He loved the fact it was your avatar on the bike and you could do tricks with it.

motocross madness 2You can create a Bike Club, which allows you to invite your friends to join and help complete challenges. You’re not just trying to beat your friends on the fastest time; you can also try for the longest wheelie and biggest drift… so you don’t have to be fast to be the best.

All the bikes are unlockable through in-game money and experience. To make your bike unique, change up your paint and graphics. All the parts such as the engine, suspension, gears and tires are also upgradable. You can change your avatar’s outfit in game, but unfortunately the outfits you buy in-game only appear on your avatar in-game, rather than the dashboard.

For 800 Microsoft points Motocross Madness is cheaper than Trails HD (1200 MSP) but is much more focused on a younger audience. So, if you’re looking for a good motocross game for adults, look elsewhere. But if you’re looking for a game that kids can play, this is perfect and will keep the engrossed for a while.

Slightly repetitive but great for kids.
- Friend Challenges
- Custom Bikes
- Different Landscapes
- Boring Single Player
- Not many tracks
It's good in small doses but it gets boring quickly. It doesn't keep you wanting to play more. However great for kids.

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