GUNNAR Glasses – Joule Crystalline Review
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Manufacturer: GUNNAR
Model: Joule Crystalline
Cost: £70-110
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GUNNAR Glasses – Joule Crystalline Review

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I don’t wear glasses… although I probably should. Maybe even for driving – watch out people of Kent! Every day I sit at my computer and either write things for the website you now currently find yourself viewing, or editing articles and images, or producing the witty, charismatic enigma that resides in TheGameJar’s social media channels. Basically, every day I look at a screen, and every day my eyes get tired. Like so many of us working on computers daily, there comes a point when you have to rub your eyes and wish it didn’t give you such a headache. The same can be said for my gaming habits though – due to all the ‘work’ on my laptop, when I do find a rare day to actually sit down and play a game, I end up spending up to 12 hours at a time doing so. That hurts. My eyes end up streaming, and although that’s no one’s fault (really) but my own, I have often wondered if there’s a way of making the experience easier on my eyes.

We’ve all heard the phrase: your eyes will go square if you watch too much TV. Although this probably isn’t the case, mum (we’ll ask Anthony to try it out in another ‘Science Of’ article, maybe), I could always exchange the word ‘square’ with sore, tired, strained. Surely having a box in your eye is going to hurt… so that’s where I see the logic… ahem.

gunnar joule 2But where am I going with this? Surely I don’t want you to start sticking Lego in your eyes in the hope of replicating the same eyestrain we get from a day in front of the telly-box? Well, I’ve been lucky enough to try out a set of GUNNAR glasses over the last few weeks, to see if they make a difference to my every day issues while I work.

The pair I’ve been trying are the Joule style (yes, that’s me in the picture), and instead of the yellow-tinted lenses you might have seen pro-gamers wearing, these have what GUNNAR have called Crystalline lenses. In other words, they’re clear, and look pretty much like everyday glasses you could buy from Specsavers. The difference is, the lenses of GUNNAR glasses are specifically tailored to help shield your eyes from screen glare. They have various ranges available on the website, depending on what you might be using them for; computers, gaming, shades and Crystalline. The majority of the ranges (minus Crystalline), have a yellow tint to the lenses, and are aimed specifically for gamers and PC users. Crystalline, however – the style I’m trying – cater for photographers, graphic designers etc, that need a clear colour palate to work, rather than having a soft yellow hue over everything.

I’ve been wearing them now whenever I’m looking at a screen or the TV for about two weeks. The big question is: have they helped?

Yes, and if I’m honest I can’t really go back to working with out them. During the first day or so wearing the glasses I have to admit I was sceptical; I felt a little queasy when looking up from the screen, and everything seemed a tad strange. Once my eyes adjusted however, and I actually got used to wearing glasses regularly for the first time in my life, I started to see the difference they made. I don’t have that sore, tired feeling in the evening when I’m watching TV, I don’t have to rub my eyes to stay focused. I especially notice the change when I forget to put them on in the morning when I start working; a few hours in and I wonder why I feel rough. They make my eyes feel… fresh. It’s the only way to describe it, and I’ve had less-frequent headaches as a result.

gunnar joule 1

‘But I already wear glasses’ I hear you say! Not a problem – GUNNAR glasses can be made to prescription, so not only do you get lenses that stop you from bumping into things, but shield your eyes from screen glare. They have a great selection of frames too, so you’re bound to find something to suit your tastes.

So, should you be wearing GUNNAR glasses if you sit at a computer all day? Probably, if you feel it gets too much sometimes. The back of the box they came in states that they “improve contrast for greater accuracy and efficiency, enhances detail for sharper, clearer vision, helps reduce glare and improve visual focus, enables precision optics for truest image, and provides long-haul comfort.” I’d say they keep to their word on all accounts; they do add contrast, reduce glare, and are reasonably comfortable for a whole day’s work.

They’re one of those things that you need, but you might not have known that you need… dealing with tired eyes every working day just becomes the norm, but there another way! Now, I’m off to do more stuff, because I can…

The Joule Crystalline GUNNAR glasses I've tried over the last few weeks have done what they said on the tin; have shielded my eyes from screen glare for prolonged use, sharpened detail, and feel comfortable. I'm sold.
- Comfortable

- Feel like I should have worn these for years

- Help me play games for stupid amounts of time

- Took a day or so to get used to
A true jem, JOULE features handmade materials completed with cutting edge fashion for the discerning digital user. Start the style with a classic cat-eye lens. Elevate it to the next level with rich, multilayered acetates that catch light and reflect a myriad of patterns in varying depths. Finish with subtle curves and exquisitely crafted detailing. Energy for your eyes.

• One piece front construction eliminates all welds, screws and other potential points of failure.
• Lightweight construction and proper weight balance guarantee long wearing comfort without pressure points or fatigue.
• European hand-crafted materials provide rich details and modernistic detailing.
• Multi-layered acetates catch and reflect light to creating depth and stylistic detail.

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GUNNAR Glasses - Joule Crystalline Review, 7.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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