TheIndieJar: Fist of Awesome Preview

TheIndieJar: Fist of Awesome Preview

Triggering nostalgia can come from the strangest places. A box of old photographs from a holiday, the title sequence to a TV show, the smell of burnt toast. Or punching digital bears square in the face with a massive fist.

fist of awesome 1Nicoll (not a girl) Hunt’s Fist of Awesome transports me to a time where a young, rotund David was hunched in front of a tiny CRT television. A borrowed copy of Streets of Rage sat comfortably within a Sega Mega Drive, completed with one clunky controller to mash inexperienced button combos to fight bouncers, bikers and big fellas, before walking slightly down the street to do the same all over again. Fist of Awesome and the upcoming Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon are games made for (and by) people that grew up watching Robocop 2 and playing brawlers.

But it’s not entirely old school. Nicoll, having been disappointed with the port of the beloved Streets of Rage on iOS, decided that he could do better. Controlling revenge-hungry lumberjack Tim Burr is done entirely with touch and gestures, rather than on-screen buttons, and feels natural straight away. Tapping the right side of the screen fires off some punches, swiping left or right delivers a swift kick, and dive kicking an evil deer in the face is simpler than dropping your iPhone. Although that’s not how it’s done.

But why is Tim Burr fighting deer? Let me rewind. Tim’s extended family are all hanging out at his new pad, then – out of nowhere – his house bursts into flames, his family are missing and his hand has suddenly started talking to him. The timeline has been altered, so saith the fist, and it’s time to Fist-of-awesome 2solve all of history’s problems one at the time. By increasingly the velocity of said fist into the faces of evil animals. Strutting on down to Bearhatten sees “filthy humans” kept in a zoo for deers and bears to giggle and gawp at. Only by changing history, will Mr. Burr find out what’s going on.

Fist of Awesome is for people who think gaming has got a little too grandiose. For people who rarely have time to sit down in front of a console to play a game start to finish. For those who just want some raw-ass, bear razzlin’, time travellin’ nonsense, with all of the punching and none of the string theory. Unashamedly 90’s, and gives precisely zero fucks about who knows it. And will fight you for even bringing it up.

David Martin

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