Battlefield 4 May Get iPhone Release, But Won’t Be On WiiU

Battlefield 4 May Get iPhone Release, But Won’t Be On WiiU

EA have teased through a new website that Frostbite 3 will be getting a mobile adaptation. “Frostbite Go” will bring the engine that powers Battlefield, Mass Effect and many others to mobile devices. Usually this would be a pretty run of the mill announcement, which TheGameJar would have mildly shrugged at, but when juxtaposed against the other recent Frostbite announcement – that it won’t be available for WiiU, our pessimistic eyebrows are officially raised.

Firstly, the mobile aspect. It makes sense to put the Battlefield engine on iPhone. We’ve seen EA titles adapted for iOS before, but frankly they’ve all been rather underwhelming. Bad Company 2 for iPhone is a stand-out example; the gameplay is bland, the control system feels awkward, and the production feels cheap when compared to some other mobile FPS games.

iOS devices have bludgeoned their way into the gaming economy, accounting for a large percentage of global gaming sales revenue. And there are some great mobile games that give the big boys runs for their currency- Gameloft’s Modern Combat being a prime example. Companies like EA simply can’t afford to settle for cheap adaptations if they want to cash in on this growing media. Having a dedicated Frostbite mobile engine is the first step to realising that potential.

The same cannot be said of WiiU. The mountain of evidence of impending demise is piling up faster than a portaloo at Glastonbury for Nintendo’s latest last-gen console – Frostbite 3 will not be developed for the system. That means Nintendo adopters will miss out on more than a dozen key triple-a titles over the next few months – Battlefield 4, Mass Effect 4, Dragon Age 3 being among them. Yikes.

Recently we talked about the possibility of a potential saviour for the WiiU, and concluded that no such thing is on the horizon. This latest announcement is even more petrol on the bonfire. Rayman has gone bouncing off into the multi-platform distance. DLC for existing games is conspicuously absent – even when it’s already been developed (like the Black Ops 2 DLC). One year from now, iPhones may be a more relevant gaming platform than Nintendo’s core home console. Scary stuff.

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