Angry Birds Movie Rights Bought by Sony, Set for 2016 Release

Angry Birds Movie Rights Bought by Sony, Set for 2016 Release

How we wish we could tell you this is some sort of horrible, cruel joke. Sony Entertainment Pictures announced that they’ve secured the exclusive rights to an Angry Birds feature film. This raises a lot of questions – why now? Why ever? Has the world gone mad?

Making a decent movie is literally an art-form. The greats like Tarantino, Nolan, and Spielberg spent years honing their creative skills to become the narrative and visual giants they are today. Who will be producing the Angry Birds movie? The game’s developers of course.  Sure they’re signing John Cohen and David Maisel to sit in on the production, but this really looks to us like a recipie for cinematic disaster.

Thank the gods it won’t be live-action, though, as the announcement reveals we’re looking at an animated feature. We love this quote from the announcement, by Sony Pictures Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton – “There are few titles out there that bring this kind of excitement, brand awareness and built-in audience to the table” Clearly they’ve not heard of Ironman, Thor, Avengers, Star Trek, The Hobbit, Star Wars, Fast and Furious…actually – all of Hollywood.

Just to really show how stupid this is, we compare this announcement to parody videos we’ve found on YouTube. In these videos, gritty movies are made of Tetris and Pacman. Both of these are better ideas than Angry Birds, and they’re still ludicrous. Well, if nothing else, enjoy a laugh or two at these mock trailers.

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  1. CJ (Code: Marla)
    May 29, 2013, 8:05 pm

    Personally I’d like to see the Minesweeper movie.

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