Shootmania Storm Review
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Dev: Nadeo
Genre: First person shooter
Platforms: PC
Release Date: 10/04/13

Shootmania Storm Review

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Good: Solid base mechanics and game modes
Bad: Lack of player population is a big concern
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The fine French folks over at Nadeo sure do make some interesting games, the most recognizable of those being Trackmania and Trackmania 2. I’ve spent a lot of time playing both of those over the years; the simple yet polished time trial based driving is addicting and rewarding. Add a nearly limitless amount of new tracks created by the community and you have a long lasting game that you can come back to over and over again. Nadeo is aiming to bring a similar experience to the FPS market with its new game, Shootmania Storm.

shootmania storm 1If you grew up playing games like Unreal Tournament or Quake then Shootmania should almost instantly appeal to you. It may not be as fast as those classic games (what games are nowadays, but the shooting gets those same kinds of neurons firing in your brain. It’s incredibly rewarding to nail an opponent with the default projectile based gun. The shooting and movement model is spot on, which is a great thing… considering the game is called Shootmania.

The game ships with a few default modes of play that Nadeo developed; the most popular at the moment are Royal and Elite. Royal is a free-for-all mode where you fight everyone else to be the last one standing. The catch is that a pole at the center of the map activates a giant tornado that slowly constricts and herds players towards the center of the map, making the battle area smaller and smaller. Elite is very much the ‘eSports’ focused mode – there are two teams of three, each team takes turns attacking and defending. The twist here is that the defending team gets to play with all three members, while the attacking team only has one person spawn. But, the attacker gets a railgun while the defenders are left with the basic projectile based blaster.

shootmania storm 3

Personally, I don’t enjoy FFA modes; Elite is certainly good for competition but there is a lot of downtime spent watching other people play. If you’re looking to just jump into a team-based shooting match the Battle mode is where you’ll want to be. The problem right now though is that no one’s really playing the Battle mode. I haven’t even seen one custom map for the battle mode and I’m forced to play on servers outside of my region with a sub-optimal ping to play the mode.

shootmania storm 2A general lack of population is an overall problem. Trackmania suffered from this, but the problem is amplified in Shootmania. In Trackmania everyone is competing at the same time, but you don’t necessarily need a bunch of people in a server to make it fun since everyone is doing time trials. In Shootmania though you need those warm bodies in servers to make it interesting since you know, you shoot people. I’m worried that the game won’t catch on and people won’t use the incredibly powerful toolset Nadeo has provided to create new maps, weapons, and game modes  Shootmania is poised to be an incredibly long-lasting and fun game, and has shown that the shooting mechanics are a solid foundation on which to build from, but unfortunately it might be dead on the vine.

Shootmania Storm offers a great shooting experience with some interesting modes of play straight out of the box, but the real appeal here is the possibility of some insane user-generated content in the form of new maps, weapons, and entire game modes.e
- A goofy but fun visual style that's easy to read

- Solid base mechanics and game modes

A sometimes confusing front-end

- Lack of player population is a big concern

- Some may find it a bit too simplistic in the default game modes

The base game is great. It's hard to really put a score on this game since the real magic is in the user created content, which has yet to be utilised fully.

Geoff Hankes

I love metal but I've never thrown the horns

Shootmania Storm Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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When TheGameJar team attended the Rezzed Expo in Brighton this month, we got the chance to sit down with Anne Blondel Jouin from Nameo Live! to ask some questions about Shootmania Storm.

We discuss how Shootmania has spun off from Trackmania, the things they have learnt from previous games that they are improving, the importance of eSports, enabling communities to make tournaments and much more.

Shootmania Storm Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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