PlayStation Meeting 2013

The day has finally arrived where (hopefully) all rumours and speculation will be thrown out of the window, and solid facts will be shown in the form of a new console from Sony. The meetings today have been teased for several weeks now, and you will be able to watch it live at 6pm EST, or 11pm GMT, so stick around to witness something exciting… it has to be!

TheGameJar team will be tweeting their reactions to the announcements made, using the hashtag #PSJar. Please feel free to join in, as you’ll see all #PSJar tweets popping up in the box to the right.

Please also leave comments below, or via Twitter. Share your ideas with us about what this announcement might be – what will this console be called, what will it look like, what about the specs?

We’re all very excited, and we hope you are too! Start tweeting with #PSJar now, and we’ll see you at the announcement!

Above you will find the team talking about the meeting, as it happens via the Twitch Channel.

For more information, head over to Playstation’s Meeting page.

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