inFamous: Second Son – Who is Delsin Rowe?

inFamous: Second Son – Who is Delsin Rowe?

On Wednesday 20th February we were presented with a special announcement from Sony. Of course rumours and speculation beforehand spoke only that it would be the announcement of a PlayStation 4, and leaked photos of what appeared to be a prototype controller did nothing but heighten this suspicion. This soon became truth and a release date of holiday 2013 was given for what would be the next Sony console. However, as much I was looking forward to the confirmation of a PS4 I couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed – mainly because we didn’t even find out what the console looked like, and also because Square Enix once again had little to offer…

infamous second son 3The console aside, it was the games that I was most interested in. Watch Dogs had another trailer that looked spectacular, and a trailer for the new instalment of Killzone looked insanely good, giving us a glimpse of what a next-gen console is capable of. Still, there was one other title in particular that had me the most excited. There may have been no gameplay footage but the fact that I know a new inFamous is in the works has me overjoyed – so much so that I have already begun to speculate what could be in store for us.

Regardless of your decisions in the first inFamous, be them good or evil, the ending would still remain the same. However inFamous 2 actually granted you one of two different endings, depending on a decision you make towards the end – either outcome looked as though Cole would not return for a sequel; that is if there was going to be one at all! But now we have confirmation of a third entry in the series, and with it a brand new character to replace Cole – a 24-year-old Seattle native known as Delsin Rowe. Of course Cole could still make a return, but with the outcome of either ending to Second Son’s predecessor it is hard to see how this is possible.

Before we saw the trailer, a spokesperson from Sucker Punch seemed to spend a lot of time talking about citizens not being safe from the law enforcements, as well as their own personal information being monitored by the government. Moving swiftly on to the talk of a bunch of people with super-powers who would make a stand and rebel against these forces gives us an idea of what the new inFamous will be about.

infamous second son 2From the start of the trailer we see the Space Needle, a popular landmark that would suggest the game be set in Seattle; a city on the other side of America to both the fictional cities from previous games – Empire City and New Marais. It is interesting that a real location will be used this time, but then if Empire was based on New York and Marais was based on New Orleans then maybe we will still have another name for Seattle yet? The city is seemingly protected and monitored by the DUP (The Department of Unified Protection) – an organisation created to keep society safe from “bio-terrorists”, or basically people with super powers! Second Son is set 7 years after the events of the first two inFamous games, and it would seem that in that time the world has certainly changed. Originally the outbreak of humans gaining powers seemed hard to keep under control, but from the look of this trailer the government have really cracked down to keep cities safe, as well as their power-free citizens.

What then follows is the introduction of our new main character, Delsin, along with the kind of powers he has. After he is done mopping the floor with a bunch of guards from the DUP you will notice that there is no sign of electricity in sight. Instead we have Delsin using fireballs, and what appears to be teleportation in a whirlwind of fire and smoke. Whereas Cole had a weapon known as the Amp in the second game, it now looks like Delsin will be wielding a chain to attack his enemies in melee combat. Instantly this raises questions of how different gameplay will be, as although you could still shoot fireballs like bolts of electricity, you’re not exactly going to be using the city’s power source to regenerate. What’s to say that Delsin is the only character you control? You’d think that he’d have others joining him in taking on DUP, all with various different powers. For the sake of speculation though, we shall just take that Delsin is our one and only.

So, is Delsin the one known as Second Son? If so, is he related to Cole in some way, or is he simply just another guy with powers and a great destiny ahead of him? It looks like Sucker Punch have taken the DmC route and gone for a more rebellious character; with a denim jacket, hoodie/shirt combo, red beanie, long-ish hair, and a chain wrapped around his wrist, Delsin certainly appears to be the Dante of the inFamous universe. It could certainly be refreshing to have a new character to play as, even if Cole will be sorely missed. I mean I’m not ruling the return of Cole out completely. But that’s just something we’ll have to wait to find out. Of course I can’t be the only inFamous fan out there. Apart from a few solid facts this is mostly speculation. So what do you guys think? What would you like to see in Second Son?

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I am a Sony man at my core. Apparently I could beat my brother at Super Mario 3 when I was only 4 years old! One day I will finally dress up as Cole MacGrath for Halloween – I've got the sling-bag; just need the cajones to shave my hair off…

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