Have I Lost My Gaming Mojo?

Have I Lost My Gaming Mojo?

I seem to be in a fix! The world seems to have lost some of it’s magical feeling. I feel a little like Austin Powers in The Spy Who Shagged Me! You see I’ve found myself in a little slump of late – gaming in general seems to have lost it’s initial bite. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still playing but there’s no substance. No longer do I feel a sense of adrenaline as I boot a game up for the first time. My gaming mojo seems to have evaporated into a pile of dust… leaving a sensation of loss.

HaloI can’t put my finger on when it first started; alas for the last few months nothing seems to have quenched my gaming desires, making my head spin uncontrollably to the point of exploding, with a massive dose of endorphins flooding my tiny mind. The magic seems to have disappeared. No more getting giddy with excitement, like a ten year old on Christmas Day.

This predicament has me a little worried – I can’t fathom why I’m feeling this way. It remains a mystery with me examining every little detail. Can I get this feeling back?

One thing that has occurred to me is my age – this year I will be be 35 years old and I wonder whether I’m just finally growing up. I’ve always prided myself on being like Peter Pan: the boy who never grew up, yet I still find the magic in cartoons, picking up a comic to read from start to finish. My fascination with heroes such as X-Men and Batman remains intact. Every time I get the chance to pick up a comic the same flood of anticipation flows through me, like a wave of hot screaming lava flooding through my veins. Alas the same feeling seems to dwindle when it comes to playing a video game.

FarCry3It then dawned on me that although I’m enjoying games such as Far Cry 3 there seemed to be something missing. A crucial part that I later realised was marring my overall experience. For all the leaps and bounds that I have witnessed over the years, in essence I had played these games before. Of course the storyline is different, there have been new additions to the formula but at the same there has been a disturbing sense of familiarity. Simply put, it seemed that I was going through the same old motions with a new lick of paint.

Take Halo 4, a wonderful game, however it was still Halo just with bells and whistles on. There were new weapons and new enemies, yet the game in essence was just the same as every other incarnation. Look at Far Cry 3 – also a brilliant game that includes objectives to capture out-posts controlled by enemy pirates. We’ve seen it before, albeit in a different form. The same mechanic was seen in the Assassin’s Creed franchise – giving power back to the people. It’s not just here though, the mechanics seem to get recycled in most genres, with a little twist added for good measure. So am I just getting used to the general game formats? Enjoying them but not finding that wow factor I used to see? Perhaps so…

JourneyThe stories were original and in most cases enticing, which is definitely a huge positive, but looking back at the games I’ve had the pleasure to play nothing really tested my expectations, or changed the way I viewed games – nothing tried to break the mould… except one title: Journey. This PlayStation exclusive game did seem to deliver something truly special. I’ve realised that this is what I’m missing… I want more titles to test the boundaries and deliver something unique. Give us something that pushes our expectations into the next dimension!

Now, I didn’t get to play everything from last year, so perhaps maybe I’ve missed something. Perhaps I’m just getting old and turning grumpy! Perhaps you can help me regain my gaming mojo – was there anything I missed last year that could bring it back, or is this just a phase I’m going through? Let me know what you think… perhaps you can bring me back into the light!

Paul Everitt

Father, gamer, lover of Sci-Fi and registered Jedi! Born in the 8bit era I’ve grown up on a feast of amazing titles!

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  1. Zorb
    February 8, 2013, 10:29 am

    I know what you mean. My 36th birthday is around the corner and I am in the same predicament. In days gone buy I would be buying games on release date and buying loads of them. Last year I can say I honestly bought 3 games on release date. Didn’t even bother with Halo 4.

    I find myself playing the same games over and over. The only game that tested me or excited me was Rocksmith. I think perhaps the stale console over hyped whack’em out every year franchise has spoiled it for me. Blame Activision or EA or whoever. Every game is a spin off or yearly update. There is nothing new to excite anymore.

    Yearly updates to games like Fifa and such should be dealt with by paying a small fee for updates, unless they are significantly different to the previous year. Generally its a lick of paint, tweak the AI and boom £40 please.

    I think this generation of console gaming will be my last. I am getting more enjoyment in playing serious sims racers on the PC now like iRacing. Sad to say it but I think I am getting too old for the games that are designed for consoles and teenagers.

  2. Geoff Hankes
    February 8, 2013, 10:51 pm

    I know exactly how you feel. I used to play literally every game I could get my hands on. Most of them not for very long. I got really tired of not finishing games, then I started to really look at the kinds of games I enjoyed and spent more than a couple hours on.

    Since I’ve done that I’ve found myself getting deeper into certain kinds of games than before. Maybe this is a way you could get your mojo back? It’s a lot easier than time travel.

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