DeathByRobots Podcast Episode 63

Episode 63 of the DeathByRobots podcast is brought to you in association with speculation and tentative arguments.

The team discuss next-gen rumours, controllers, GTA V’s release date, season passes, and Jenn tries to explain (in her own special way) about her time with BioShock Infinite.

If you have any feedback on our ‘new-look’ podcast do let us know. What would you like us to discuss? What would you like us do more or less of? Who would you like us to have on an episode as a guest?

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  1. David Martin
    February 10, 2013, 10:00 am

    Fun fact – Tom Jones did one of the worst versions of Black Betty ever.

  2. CJ (Code: Marla)
    February 14, 2013, 5:45 pm

    I’m only 6 minutes into the cast… But as I feel like I’m the only WiiU fan of your listeners Im gonna start commenting straight away.

    The Rayman delay makes me want to punch a guinea pig. The fact its now going to be multi platform doesnt bother me as regardless I’d get it on WiiU as I really like the second screen character abilities… but the delay…7 months??? This makes no sense to me if its ready, they should release now.
    You had some interesting theories on the delay… and I have another…

    Apparently the terms of the Xbox says that when a game is multi-platform, itmust be releasd on all consoles at the same time or they reserve the right to not allow the release on the Xbox. So its possible that maybe Ubisoft wanted to release on all platforms (for the monies) and Xbox said, sure but you must delay…. this sounds like the type of thing they would do. But It’s pure speculation on my part. I want an official statement from Ubisoft dammit.

    Also…. I have only one friend. As no one I know has a WiiU (except Undle Fista from The Mid Life Gamer podcast) so if Joey or anyone else wants to add me my user name is Code Marla. Let me know yours and I’ll add you.

    Finally….. In relation to gaming joypads, you should remind yourselfof how shit we use to have it in the early 90s with Ashens review of some of the worst joysticks of the time:

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