DeathByRobots Podcast Episode 62 – TheGameJar Birthday

Episode 62 of the DeathByRobots podcast is a bit of a special one. It’s a bit of a triple-whammy, if you will.

This week we are reunited with Lee! He works at Codemasters now, so doesn’t get out much. Not only was he back, but he speaks to us about GRID 2, and celebrates with us the first birthday of!

We also discuss the differences between Xbox Gold membership and Playstation+, micro-transactions in premium games, and GTA V’s release date being pushed back to September.

If you have any feedback on our ‘new-look’ podcast do let us know. What would you like us to discuss? What would you like us do more or less of? Who would you like us to have on an episode as a guest?

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  1. CJ
    February 14, 2013, 5:29 pm

    I’m falling behind on the podcasts as I have a new job where they wont let me bum around listening to podcasts all day… but I feel I should come and show my support for Ryan….

    …I agree with him on the whole xbox gold vs PS+ thang.
    Personally I don’t play many online games because I hold such distain for human beings and want to keep my interactions with them to a bear minimum. with the handful of games that I do play online….well, worms… I think its just worms actually… and a bit of poker… I have noticed no difference between the online gaming services of either console, but as Im not a big online gamer then i can’t really comment too much.

    The way I would look at it is similiar to how I think Ryan was. Both companies want me to give them £40 a year and I have to judge whether what each company is offering me is worth £40.
    Removing the online play, Microsoft is offering me…. nothing. Sure they will let me watch Netflix and Youtube, but Sony and Nintendo will let me do that for free so theres no contest there.
    Sony on the other hand will give me a huge libary of free games, discounts and exclusives.

    In my eyes, they can’t even be compared. So in conclusion…. I love you Ryan, please have my gay babies.

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