Dead Space – A Journey Through Terror Part 2 of 4: The Art of Scares

In four parts, the Dead Space Journey Through Terror series charts the evolution of the Dead Space series to date – its story, its gameplay and its scares, and also provides a glimpse at what the next chapter has in store for Isaac Clarke in Dead Space 3. The second episode of the mini series focuses on the art of scares.

Lighting in Dead Space is a crucial tool in creating atmosphere; lights can direct player focus to specific objects or locations, give some small comfort in the dark, offer tactical assistance, or even provide tension through their utter unreliability.
The lighting in Dead Space has been specifically designed to evoke a dingy and dilapidated feeling, to match the dated and broken-down technology that the characters use.

Each of the locations featured in the Dead Space series has its own unique look and feel, but all feature gothic style architecture designed to make human body parts spring to mind. Necromorphs are also designed with human anatomy in mind, as they’re made to vaguely resemble the people they once were. The Necromorphs haunt Isaac everywhere he goes, but he isn’t going down without a fight.

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