TheIndieJar: Anodyne Preview

TheIndieJar: Anodyne Preview

The demo is finally out for everyone to play for RPG game, Anodyne. It instantly strikes up memories of running around 2D Hyrule and smacking the crap out of evil stuff, but this time you control a hero named Young. It will only take up 30 or so minutes of your time to play, so I suggest you go and do it now.

The Anodyne demo gives you a really good flavour of what is to come; there are intriguing hints of an ‘epic quest’ story that is a little bit quirky. The Village Elder (“in name only, for he is neither”) informs you that your legend is about to begin when you wake up in a mysterious place full of door portals – your task is to protect the Briar. The portals take you through a tutorial dungeon where you obtain and master the BROOM OF LEGEND! It’s pretty good for sweeping up dust and putting it in other places, and becomes useful in the next dungeon for blocking projectiles and hitting Slimes with.

The narrative spends half the time telling you that there is something strange going on (vaguely) and the other half parodying RPGs. After showing the broom to the Village Elder he despairs and calls you an idiot before accepting that you are the guy that has to save the world. There are also weird bits in there like a guy in the foetal position spouting gibberish – from what I saw it might be as funny as Cthulhu Saves the World. The developers have said that the game is set in Young’s dream world, so I expect that there will be plenty of nightmare creatures to slay, while the game Yume Nikki by Kikiyama is named as an inspiration for the aesthetic style, which has a similar setting.

It’s easy to see that the developer knows what they’re doing when it comes to dungeons – with blog posts like this it’s interesting to see behind the scenes of Sean Hogan’s process. There is a lot of interesting info in there and I hope there will be more parts to this post, as even though I’ve spent hours in 2D mazes, castles and fortresses, there is more going on than I imagined while playing.

My friend recently phoned me up to tell me that he was too excited to text me the good news. He had found his ‘A Link to The Past’ GameBoy cartridge under some clothes in a box, in a box, under five other boxes. His save file was corrupted but he gleefully informed me that he wanted to play through the whole thing again. This goes to show that the style and genre is still really enjoyable. I fear that I won’t get a similar excited phone call from many of you lot so to replace that Zelda game you lost ages ago, keep an eye on Anodyne for your dungeoneering needs.


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