E3 2012: What We Want To Happen

E3 2012: What We Want To Happen

E3 2012 is but days away, and in true gaming website fashion it only seemed fitting to pull theories and crazy wishes out of our asses on what we think we’ll be seeing from the show floor. We rounded up some of the GameJar team and asked them for two things; a short paragraph on what they want to happen – this is the part I wanted them to pull out of their ass, just completely made up hopes and dreams style stuff so they could get it out of their system. Let’s be honest, we’re all gamers and we all do it this time of year. Then we asked for something a little more realistic, something that granted might be based on rumour but is still believable. So what did they do? Well they couldn’t stop themselves could they? Below is quite a varied cross section of the gaming scene; our hopes, our dreams. But what do you want from this year’s E3? Let us know in the comments below, stick it up on our Facebook or hit reply to the below tweet.

Josh’s predictions/wishes in a nutshell:

  • New Animal Crossing.
  • New Pikmin.
  • New Warioware.
  • New Advanced Wars.
  • PlayStation 3 price drop.

  • Big showing for indie games on the show floor with IndieCade.
  • Lots more FarCry 3.
  • More info on Dishonored.
  • More info on Steam’s ‘Big Picture’ mode.

Josh's E3 - in full.

What Josh Wants To Happen.

I’m never sure what I want from these big events. Either I don’t care or I expect it to be left to the people actually making the games to decide what they’re going to show. A couple of things came to mind though; Nintendo are the company I want the most from – Animal Crossing, Pikmin, WarioWare and Advance Wars are all things I want to see more of. Perhaps a new IP, however unlikely that is. I would also be quite interested in a nice selection of strategy games for the PC. I realise that publishers like Paradox show off that genre lots, but maybe some new alternatives would be nice. I’m also looking to buy myself an Xbox and/or PS3 so hopefully they will announce a price drop!

What Josh Thinks Will Probably Happen.

I’ve heard that IndieCade will have some room on the E3 floor to show off a selection of indie titles. The games haven’t been announced, but I’m sure that will be something to look forward too. Lots of Far Cry 3 gameplay would be appreciated from Ubisoft, as long as it is closer to the first than the second game because 2 was dull! A better explaination of what Dishonored actually is would be cool. The CG trailer looked interesting, and seemed to give everyone a taste of it’s world, but further explanation of the intricate bits is sorely needed. Finally, the Steam ‘Big Picture Mode’ is going to be displayed. My guess would be that it will look something like the iTunes Cover Flow or Windows 8. Those are the bits I’m most interested in, but somehow I expect they aren’t going to be the most surprising or talked about parts!

Joey’s predictions/wishes in a nutshell:

  • The last Guardian.
  • PS Vita price drop.
  • New PS Vita games.
  • A new 24 game.
  • At least a concept shot of the next-gen.
  • The Wii U announced as just a practical joke.
  • Dead Space 3.
  • Multiplayer for MoH details.
  • Three new Tom Clancy games
  • New Quantic Dream’s game.
  • No new Prey 2 or GTA V info.
Joey's E3 - in full.

What Joey Wants To happen.

Remember five years ago when you couldn’t wait for E3 time? It was special, everything seems to get announced and you certainly hadn’t heard of 99%of the games/hardware that was going to be announced. E3 to me no longer means what it did. That aura has gone, maybe if I go out there and experience it for myself then it may come back, but otherwise I don’t have high expectations for E3 2012.

Saying that it would be a pretty boring section if I left it at that, so what would I like to see? Well how about some more of The Last Guardian; the next game being developed by Team ICO. If you’re a regular listener to the DBR podcast you will know Shadow of the Colossus is my favourite game of all time, so to see some gameplay footage of he Last Guardian, specially after the rumour of it’s demise, would be fantastic. Next on the list – a price drop in the PS Vita so I could possibly pick one up… oh and some new games announced for it, don’t care which ones really, just new games for all! The jewel in the crown though, and something that would go a long way towards making E3 special again; a new 24 Game.

As for the announcements of new consoles and hardware… I’m really not that fussed at all. It would be nice to see some concepts from Sony and Microsoft for their next gen without a full on “this is the PS4/Next Xbox”. Theres still plenty that can be done with this generation, so there isn’t that much of a rush to move on just yet. Last but not least, the Wii U will be announced as a joke and Nintendo fooled everybody for a whole year.

What Joey Thinks Will Probably Happen.

Well, we know a load of games are going to be officially unveiled; Dead Space 3 being one of the bigger ones that spring to mind. We will probably find out multiplayer information about Medal of Honour during the E3 conference, and there will be at least three new “Tom Clancy” games announced during the Ubisoft presentation. During the Sony press conference David Cage and Quantic Dream will announce their next project, which will feature Kara from their tech demo at GDC and it will beat anything that Peter Molyneux could ever dream of. In terms of surprising game announcements I honestly don’t think we will see any; conspicuous in its absence will be GTA V (you will see it at Gamescom in August) and we won’t see much about Prey 2.

Do I think there will be some new console announcements? Well, I think Sony will announce a partnership with a leading cloud company, which will lead the way for Sony’s next console to offer game streaming. Will we see the PS4? Not in it’s final form, but we may see a concept video of some kind with a possible full reveal at Tokyo Game Show later this year. That goes for the next Xbox as well; they won’t officially announce the next gen console but will maybe have a concept name and announce that we will see more of it next year.

Whatever happens, I don’t have high expectations at all.

Ed’s predictions/wishes in a nutshell:

  • Next gen stuff.
  • FIFA 13.
  • More SimCity News.
  • More Tomb Raider.
  • New info on Assassin’s Creed III.
  • Wii U launch details.
  • Microsoft to steal the show.
  • Some Rocksmith details.
  • New Unreal engine details.
  • New Command & Conquer details.
Ed's E3 - in full.

What Ed Wants to Happen

Personally I would love to see the next gen consoles announced. There has been so little rumour and it seems very unlikely, however I think we are all hoping that we’ll hear something regarding the next-gen consoles – even if it’s just to say they’re under construction and will be unveiled next year.

Aside from this I’m looking forward to seeing the first trailer of FIFA 13 – even though I never really got into FIFA 12. I also really like the look of the new SimCity so hopefully EA will unveil some more gameplay trailers.

Last E3 we saw the next Tomb Raider announced, indeed since then there has been absolutely nothing apart from its release date being delayed. I’d like to see some more gameplay footage as the video last year was very impressive.

I’m a big fan of Ubisoft and will be looking forward to some more information on the latest Assassin’s Creed title, as well as Rocksmith which looks intriguing.

Finally there are a host of games available for PC being displayed at E3 this year, which is fantastic. I’m hoping a few impressive trailers are released around some of the upcoming strategy games, particularly Bioware’s new Command & Conquer.

Oh and hopefully some awesome vids of the new Unreal engine!

What Ed Thinks Will Probably Happen

Unfortunately I think Microsoft and Sony will keep the bubble-wrap firmly over their next-gen news and we will go on waiting another year to hear any more about them. Nintendo are under pressure with their new Wii-U system and no doubt need E3 to be a big hit to launch the new console. I’m interested to see how it will fair but not necessarily interested in buying it – yet!

I also think we will get a few surprises this year – E3 is great for throwing a few spanners in the works and I think it’ll happen again this year (and I bloody hope it does too!).

My tip for E3: Microsoft to steal the show.

Paul’s predictions/wishes in a nutshell:

  • Streets of Rage reboot.
  • Road Rash reboot.
  • New Knights of The Old Republic.
  • Next Gen.
  • Dragon Age 3.
  • Donkey Kong 3DS.
  • New Star Wars game of some sort, hopefully Battlefront 3.
  • Force Unleashed 3.
  • New Quantic Dream title.
Pauls's E3 - in full.

What Paul Wants To Happen

E3 is just around the corner, with the hype growing every day it’s made me think about what lies in store for us. For me I would love to see some more familiar faces rebooted for today’s generation. Top of my list would be new Streets Of Rage, and for EA to reboot Road Rash! Also a new Knights Of The Old Republic game would be the icing on the cake, or for them to announce a console version of the Old Republic so I can actually play the darn thing. But most of this is just wishful thinking, so what do I think will actually be there? Read on fellow gamers…

What Paul Thinks Will Probably Happen

I wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft stole the show by finally making the Xbox 720 official. Everything points to them making this console, and I’m pretty sure they won’t want Nintendo stealing all the attention with the Wii U who will of course use E3 to show it off, whilst showing off a new Donkey Kong game for the 3DS. I hope that BioWare will show us more of Dragon Age 3. Lucas Arts are getting ready to show off a new game in the Star Wars Universe; my fingers and toes are crossed that this will be. Finally Battlefront 3 – it’s a game I’ve been yearning after for years. However my doubts are there, and going by recent years I actually think it’s going to be The Force Unleashed 3 or a Clone Wars tie in. Quantic Dream will be revealing their new project, god I’m excited by the prospects and I truly hope that it has something to do with Project Kara.

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  1. Anthony Richardson
    June 1, 2012, 12:41 pm

    My contribution to this: Timesplitters4. I predict it, want it, need it.

    • Josh Mathews
      June 2, 2012, 6:00 pm

      I read this and remembered that i have future perfect on gamecube still

  2. Liam Stanway
    June 2, 2012, 2:28 am

    Tito Puente. Everywhere. That’s all I want from E3. My expectations are high.

  3. Chris Jacobs
    June 2, 2012, 8:43 pm

    Oh man, a new Advanced Wars game being announced would be good enough for me. Can’t see a Vita price drop personally, but I do think Sony’s briefing is going to be pretty much all Vita. Moar Gamez Pleeze!!! :-p

  4. Lee Williams
    June 3, 2012, 4:01 pm

    I wanna see a Playstation 3 price drop – or a nice ass bundle with a Vita, Vita price drop, Some Halo 4 gameplay, Dead Space 3 details, be interesting to see what they’ve done with the Wii U in this last year. New Assassins Creed III details would be cool (I’m predicting they jam Kinect into in). Be nice to see some GTA V but I suspect it might be bumped to next gen. I really wanna hear about new stuff we’re not expecting but the way the marketing ramp has been pre e3 I’m not expecting we’ll hear anything we didn’t already know. Hardware wise I can take or leave the next gen this year but I suspect we’ll see something (not much) from both Sony and Microsoft.

  5. James Royal
    June 4, 2012, 10:32 am

    I’m looking forward to some new vita games being announced. A new Metal Gear for the vita would be nice. Also wouldnt mind an overhaul of the PSN and PS+.

    I would love for there to be a sequel to the game XIII which Ubisoft did in 2003 and a new PaRappa the Rapper.

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