E3 2012: Sony PlayStation Media Briefing – Our Reactions

E3 2012: Sony PlayStation Media Briefing – Our Reactions

Sony finished of the evening with a show that can only be described as ‘very Sony’. Ellen Page seems to have done a rather lucrative deal with them and makes ‘two’ appearances, top and tailing the conference… sort of. You would have thought we’d have got bored of seeing Assassin’s Creed, but nope – a surprise Vita game and sea battle both shown off! It’s up as a contender of game of the show, that’s for sure.  I dread to think what this episode of our mini E3 podcasts sound like; at the time of recording it was 4am so we’re sorry if its a complete garble. Enjoy, and thanks for listening.

Beyond: Two Souls

Lee: Jody’s story takes place over 15 years of her life, through the difficult and the good times, voiced by none other than Ellen Page… yeah I know, I thought they were trolling us too, but apparently not. The gameplay demo kicks off with a cop talking to Jody in an office, who has been found attacked by the side of the road, but she’s not too keen on talking about it. Everything starts getting a little supernatural as the copper’s cup of coffee takes a mysterious flying trip into the wall. The copper didn’t seem too fussed (I’d have bricked it), and just backed away and locked her in the office. Then the SWAT show up and it all gets a bit tense… yeah I know, it’s a Quantic Dreams game. Fair play to them – they push the boundaries, but I don’t think any of us will really know anything about Beyond until it hits the shelves.

PlayStation Allstars Battle Royale

Josh: Super Smash Bros. has a competitor now, and it looks like characters that everyone will recognise are going to get into a scrap on the Vita and PS3 at the same time. The map shown was from Ratchet and Clank, the different characters have special play styles and can build up power for their Super moves. To be honest I can see no change from SSB, but that may not be a problem because they’re good games too. Sweet Tooth used his super power and ended up in a truck-style mech that gave him a better attack. The game will have the same attraction to Playstation gamers and SSB does for Nintendo players. Two playable characters were also announced: Nathan Drake (Uncharted), and Big Daddy (Bioshock).

Sony Updates

Cross platforming – Vita and controller can both be used with PS3.
Little Big Planet will have DLC to work with the Vita as well as on the PS3 now.

Playstation Plus – gaming for free, titles will include:
Infamous 2
Little BIg Planet 2
Saints Row 2

PS1 Classics will be coming to Vita such as:
Tomb Raider
Final Fantasy

Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation

Jenn: Sony unveiled a new game coming to the Vita, Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation. It sees us play, for the first time, a female assassin named Aveline. It looks as though it’s set in the same American Revolution era as the main title out this year, and includes touch controls to incorporate it onto the Vita. If you own both titles, you will be able to link to your Assassin’s Creed 3 game on the PS3, to unlock a tomahawk and other accessories associated with Connor. The game launches Oct 30th, with a crystal white wifi Vita bundle.

Assassin’s Creed 3

Jenn: More gameplay footage was shown at the Sony conference, which was mentioned in the Ubisoft one earlier this evening. It depicts a scene of Connor on a ship, as captain, ‘taking the revolution to the high seas’. Firing cannons at opposing ships, Connor weaves the ship through rocky islands. Heading out to sea, the water looks amazing, and the weather system they’ve incorporated on land also kicks in here changes. The scene becomes dark, and dangerously stormy, with the sea becoming rough and harder to stay on course. After a chase across the waves, blowing the crap out of enemy ships, Connor sails alongside an enemy ship and the crew board… queue slo-mo jump of awesome.

PS3 copies of Assassin’s Creed 3 will ship with exclusive DLC.

Far Cry 3

Lee: Check out Ryan’s thoughts from the Ubisoft show. Sony enticed Ubisoft onto stage to show us some four player co-op; this is a separate campaign to the single player. I’ll be honest, it seemed like your standard affair 4-player co-op, and could be good fun with a good group of mates. The chap from Ubi also touched on the FarCry3 Map Editor making a return, which I don’t remember Ubi mentioning earlier at their conference – nice to see it hasn’t been forgotten.


Josh: Sony have revealed a physical book that uses augmented reality to put stuff in your living room. Perhaps a good mix of what the Move can do, but this technology has already worked in numerous Lego stores around the UK (hold a box up to a screen and whatever is inside comes to life on the box). Looks like there will be lots of books that will work with this technology, one of which is Harry Potter’s Book of Spells. An interesting idea, where you can read stories from J. K. Rowling while using the Move controller as wand. That seems to be the only thing it’s good for. There are some gimmicks collected together here so hopefully they will work well together without being too shallow, or ruining a perfectly good story.

God of War Ascension

Lee: Ummmm what to say… it’s God of War. Don’t get me wrong, it looked good but it was just God of War – there wasn’t really much new other than Kratos has now found the Sands of Time… the gameplay demo went on way too long as well.

The Last of Us

Jenn: The Sony conference seemed a bit like an Ellen orgy. There’s nothing wrong with that, but with both Beyond: Two Souls taking to the stage, and now The Last of Us, that’s a whole load of Ellen Page face to look at (devs have now confirmed it’s not Ellen playing Ellie, and are making facial adjustments).

Finally we get the chance to check out some gameplay, and it’s very pretty looking. Playing as the bloke (Joel), female character Ellie follows him around. The urban landscape of abandoned buildings is overgrown, with lush greenery and birds singing. Speaking to the girl sporadically, Joel takes control of the situation; ‘watch your step’, ‘go, damnit’. We see him take someone down from behind, which took a while as he was strangling him. He picked up the guard’s gun, and took aim at nearby enemies. It hurts a lot when you get shot (as it should realistically), and your life doesn’t regenerate. I was reminded of ‘I am Alive’ slightly, as ammo is limited to each situation.

The game seemed very atmospheric; no music played during the fight scene, only sounds from empty hallways and guns. Ellie threw something at a guard to distract him (we couldn’t tell if it was well scripted AI or controlled by the player), but it worked well, giving Joel the opportunity to run up and take him out.

An inventory system was shown briefly, and Joel made a molotov, proving that fire looks pretty good. Ellie helps Joel out again as a guy tackles him to the floor by stabbing him in the back. Getting to his feet, Joel grabs a shotgun, and blows the guy’s face off. It was sick…

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  1. James Royal
    June 5, 2012, 4:46 pm

    I’m really excited for Beyond and The Last of Us. Was pleased with what I saw from both of them during Sony’s Conference. The combat on The Last of Us looked gritty looking forward to smashing some heads into tables.

  2. toby937
    June 6, 2012, 11:59 am

    Last Of Us looks really promising, as does AC3. Sad to see more DLC exclusivity deals being announced though, I was hoping that would have started to die out by now.

  3. Bobbeh
    June 6, 2012, 3:35 pm

    I like the look of The Last Of Us, there does seem to be a zombie theme this year at E3, especially with Nintendo Ubisoft showing off ZombiU. All I can say is I am a huge horror game fan and this is a good thing. Also you guys sound knackered on this podcast! haha! Josh has his own boat?!?!??!?!

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