E3 2012: Death By Robots E3 Podcast Special

The E3 2012 special is a collection of all our mini podcasts in one big chunk. It’s a special one off, so don’t worry we’re not getting into the habit of two and a half hour long podcasts… and if you had already listened to the individual ones posted on the site you don’t need to worry about listening to them all. We covered each press conference in bite-size half hour chunks, so if you’ve heard one bit you can just skip ahead. Big thanks to everybody who has followed and joined in with our E3 coverage we love you all. <3

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Thank you to the lovely Garf for his posters to co-incide with the DBR Podcast. You can find more of his work on his website: thegarf.co.uk

The DBR Podcast

The infamous DBR Podcast - new home, same ridiculously crude style. Featuring the original gang, plus friends, we delve deep into the mystery that is the connection between video games and Scott Mills.

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