The Gaming Memories of You: The 8Bit Years

The Gaming Memories of You: The 8Bit Years

For a lot of us the 8Bit years started with the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1986 and ended with the launch of the SEGA Mega Drive in 1990 or as late as 1992 with the arrival of the SNES. Some of us were in School, some of us may well already of had kids. You can read all about Paul’s 8-bit years in full here and below is all of your 8 bit memories as sent in via Twitter, Facebook and left as comments on the site. Thanks to everybody who sent them in, if you want to add your 8 bit memory to the list pop it up in the comments below.

♥ Master System

-Ben Mackinnon

Clone 3d

-Kind Smile

Never had an 8bit :( but I remember being on holiday (cruise ship – don’t judge me, I was like 5 years old – mum liked um had no choice) and the ship was in the middle of a bat shit crazy storm where the ship should have sank but didn’t (was like a force 11 or 12) and all the old people were saying their last goodbyes and everybody had locked themselves in their cabin and even the crew had given up picking up the shit that had fallen over and broken. As the ship rocked and in certain points you could actually stand on the wall (I swear to god I’m not making this up). People we’re crying, writing letters to loved ones, 4 inch thick glass 12 decks up was being blown in with the force of the water. It wasn’t looking good.

Me and my brother were playing Duck Hunt in the kids room – It was awesome :D

-Lee of off thegamejar

Psycho fox on the Master System.

Psycho Fox must get from the left hand side of the level to the right hand side of the level. However, there are many enemies in the way. He can use a Shinto stick to change into characters/animals like a hippopotamus, a monkey or a tiger, each of which has its own special ability.

The hippopotamus is slow and cannot jump very high, but can punch through special destructible blocks in the game world. The monkey can jump higher than the other creatures and the tiger can run faster. Psycho also has an ally named Birdfly, who can be used as armor or as a boomerang. If Psycho is hit while carrying Birdfly, Birdfly goes away and the player does not lose a life.


Needs a Remake.

-Lee of off thegamejar

The spiritual successor to the game was released on the Sega Mega Drive in Japan with a new set of characters and a new setting as Magical Hat Flying Turbo Adventure. The version of the game released outside of Japan was given a facelift and retitled Decap Attack.


so many but have to say Sonic 2 on the master system.


mine on the spectrum are Attic attack , gauntlet , way of the exploding fist .


i missed out on owning alot of early consoles due to suffering from photosensitive epilepsy as a child. Alot of my experiences with gaming were round friends houses so did get a small taste of the C64, Sinclair, NES, Master System, SNES and Mega Drive. But there is nothing like getting your first console and mine was the mighty Sega Dreamcast which I purchased when I was 17. Actually i think my childhood of not having consoles has contributed to me being the obsessive Retro collector I am today (my wife would replace collector with Hoarder mind you)

-James Bowerbank

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