Top 5 Social Games On iOS

Social games are here to stay, we can’t deny that! So following my last piece, and assuming that you might be interested in finding out what all the fuss is about, here are my top five social games for the iOS:

Hero Academy

Hitting the top spot with the best art style of any social game that I’ve dared to play is the rather awesome Hero Academy – a turn-based strategy game, where you control teams of Dark Elves, Dwarves or the heroic Council. The aim is simple: destroy your opponent’s crystals, or wipe them all out. You get 5 moves per turn; to attack, move or use power ups! It’s a great game which shows just what can be achieved by a decent social game – oh and it’s free!

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Scramble with Friends

Second on my list, and the first of a couple of word games, Scramble with Friends. Think of Boggle and you have the basic premise. You have a grid of letters and a time limit to make as many words as possible.

Linking with Facebook and Twitter is a great move, allowing you to play against friends who are already using the game.

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Draw Something

Third up on my glorious list is a fairly new entrant to the social battlefield, taking art to a new level – step up Draw Something. Again a simple premise, yet one that has proven so far to be rather entertaining. The goal here is not to beat your opponent but to work together racking up a high score. You have a choice of words, which then you have to draw so your opponent can guess the correct word. If you play against me I’m pretty sure it must be amusing but frustrating as I can’t draw for toffee!

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Chess with Friends

The fourth in my tangled web of social gaming is a classic game, one that I used to play for hours as a child. Even joining the local school club! Chess For Friends is exactly as the name suggests; the classic chess game, on your mobile. Again with support for Facebook friends this is a game that might not look the best, but offers a good classic game whilst on the move.

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Words with Friends

So my final entry into my list has to go to one of the first social games I ever bothered with, another game based on a classic game that has been around literally for generations – Scrabble! Words With Friends allows you to play the great word game, with just a few subtle changes, whilst on the move against friends wherever they are in the world. It’s simple yet addictive nature means you won’t be able to resist challenging your friends time after time.

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All of the above games are free to download, with options to buy ad free versions if you wish, as well as buying other items such as perks. Go on, download at least one, try it and tell me that you don’t get hooked as soon as you play….

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  1. Anthony Richardson
    April 15, 2012, 5:45 pm

    Ryan said he’d play hero academy with me. He hasn’t challenged me to a game yet. Yellow belly!

  2. Paul Everitt
    April 15, 2012, 6:03 pm

    Lol I’m always looking for new opponents to take on my dark elves, if you fancy a game onearmedcookie is my name

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