TheIndieJar: Interview with New Star Soccer’s Simon Read

I was lucky enough to have a quick Q&A with Simon Read, the developer behind New Star Games & New Star Soccer. Want to know a bit more about the game? Then check out my review, or just try it for yourself with the links below.

What were the reasons behind developing New Star Soccer for mobile platforms?

I’ve always wanted to do a mobile version on New Star Soccer, so you can play it on-the-go. As soon as the programming language called Monkey came out I knew that the time had come. It allowed me to easily launch the game on multiple platforms.

Were there any tough hurdles to overcome in developing for mobile instead of PC?

No, not really. It was fairly straight forward because of the aforementioned Monkey. It was relatively easy to port a lot of the New Star Soccer 5 code, and now it is unbelievably simple to build the game for Android, iOS, Flash, Html5 or XNA. It’s a stunning solution for indie devs wanting to launch a cross-platform product.

You tweeted the other day that you had over 1,000,000 plays on Kongregate – a fantastic achievement. What do you make of your success in the short time that New Star Soccer has been available?

To be honest, I am amazed. I knew the game was fun but I never expected such a positive response. People are telling me that they are addicted and are playing it for hours on end. At the same time, you can dip in and play for just a couple of minutes. I guess it is perfectly suited for playing in your browser or on a touch screen.

What games do you enjoy playing when you aren’t working on your own?

I do spend a LOT of time making my own games, so I hardly ever find time for long play sessions. Over the past 6 months or so I have virtually abandoned console gaming and tend to grab short sessions on my phone or iPad. The best thing I have played in a while is Waking Mars by Tiger Style.

Are there any plans to bring social or multiplayer aspects to New Star Soccer in the future?

NSS is fundamentally a single-player game so I am not overly concerned with social elements, aside from good old leaderboards of course. Likewise, multiplayer may seem desirable but it is extremely tricky to incorporate and doesn’t really make a lot of sense for New Star Soccer.

What does the future hold for New Star Games? Any projects in the pipeline or world exclusives?

There will be plenty of updates for New Star Soccer in the coming months, including more match action and possibly international and club continental competitions. That’s my main focus right now – taking New Star Soccer as far as I can. I might look into bringing Super Laser Racer over to mobile devices soon but after that, it’s top secret! As always my Twitter followers will hear the news first.

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