TheIndieJar: Indie Royale Alpha Collection Bundle Preview

TheIndieJar: Indie Royale Alpha Collection Bundle Preview

Wyv and Keep

Wyv and Keep was recently part of the Indie Royale Alpha Collection Bundle, where I picked it up along with Towns, and 3079. Since Portal 2 I’ve been looking for a game that is great with multiplayer puzzles. This game is definitely the one, and best of all it has both online and local modes.

Wyv is headstrong and determined to find shiny treasure, while Keep is intelligent and sure to stop Wyv doing stupid things. They’re both nicely introduced with a cool animation at the beginning. Cute touches, like Keep stuffing her face with cake when you leave her waiting too long, or the way each of them says things, make both characters endearing. As you enter a Jungle in search of jewels there are journal entries scattered around each level that give you an insight into your surroundings, and the possibility of gold. You make your way through the Jungle levels, pushing boxes and blowing up rocks like a pixelated Indiana Jones. Fortunately, if you’re Billy-no-mates, you can solve them yourself by switching between the two characters.

It really is loads more fun staring at a screen going “what the hell are we supposed to do?” with another person sat there though. After the confusion comes multiple tries to shove boxes around in the right order to get to the end of the stage. That and the amount of coins and time it takes you to finish are all added up for a score, so that’s a good reason go go through it again! The art and one keyboard multiplayer are my favourite bits, so hopefully you like someone enough to check out Wyv and Keep with, and perhaps find your own favourite bit.

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I’ve never played Dwarf Fortress or Dungeon Keeper, but it has been said that they are sources of inspiration for this particular title. It was part of the Indie Royale Alpha Collection Bundle where I picked it up, along with Wyv and Keep, and 3079. Despite having to learn the ropes of this particular style of strategy game, I’m having quite a lot of fun with it.

After it’s most recent update, the hairy little guys that you lord over are more intelligent, and the terrain is less flat. Whether they are smarter or not, that doesn’t stop them from flinging themselves onto the spikes of the native frog people. Yes, in this game you will have to contend with a variety of enemies such as Pygmies, Giant Spiders and Zombies. In fact the only things that aren’t hostile to you are the livestock you keep to make sure your people are fed.

As you mine for resources, the deeper you go the harder the enemies are. The core of the experience lies in the resource management. Minions, iron, coal, stone, and wood are all useful in making and improving your town. The buildings you zone out give you access to specific tools and weapons that can be replaced with better ones the more you explore.

In the game that I’ve lasted longest in, there is an over-abundance of cows from my farms. They have pretty much taken over my above-ground town. There is also a network of underground houses and forges churning out weapons and armour for my assault on the dungeon full of spiders a level below me. This is a game for those who are fans of the genre. It’s fun but I’ll never be as good as the people on the forums who keep 50 townies alive at once. The ragged art style looks good and I look forward to the animations being added in. I also enjoyed the plinky plonky, out of tune guitar music. Take a look and tell us what you think!

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