All Zombies Must Die: Scorepocalypse Review
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Developer: Double Six
Genre: Twin Stick Shooter
Platform: PC
Release Date: 16/04/12

All Zombies Must Die: Scorepocalypse Review

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Good: Nice cartoony look
Bad: Still no online co-op
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Having not played the original game All Zombies Must Die game, I went straight to our very own Joey Dale’s review of it. I’m happy to announce that it describes the game quite well (apart from the score), mostly because I don’t have to write as much. That being said, I played a ported PC release and therefore got the shorter end of the stick. This was clearly a game made for consoles and I can recommend that you get it for one, rather than the PC.

This version is all about a score mechanic, which lets you compete on an online leaderboard. Other additions include a couple of extra weapons and some mini objectives during levels that get you more points. These missions seem to be a reworking of the ‘guard gate robot objectives’ from Joey’s review of the original game, but in this context they seem to work better because ‘kill X amount of zombies’ is what you’re doing anyway, and getting a point boost for it is a bonus.

Another type of these objectives however is one where a very idiotic survivor pops into existence. This extremely stupid individual stands in one place and expects you to wade through a hoard of zombies (getting me killed, which restarts the level) to act as a distraction so they don’t die. After the timer is up this person is “extracted” from the level. Don’t think you get rid of them after that! This intensely annoying person then has the gall to stand around your base giving you extra objectives for the next mission. I understand Joey’s rage.

There is still no online co-op, which defeats the purpose of putting this on the PC. Although it is wise as a PC gamer to keep a wired 360 pad around for games like Super Meat Boy, it is unlikely that you will have three, and even less likely that you will have three spare USB ports. It is also a little awkward to have four people sitting at a computer desk, but on the other hand I do know people that have big TVs connected to their computers.

I had minor framerate issues on my mid to low-end laptop, and there were no graphical options beyond aspect ratio, fullscreen and vsync. The pause menu button was F1 for some inexplicable reason and it was the only one I couldn’t remap. Oh and if you’re going to put something on PC, at least take the time to change the words “press start” to “press enter” or something.

The RPG elements are still cool. Collecting bits, making them into electric katanas and the such. There’s a status effect that puts headphones on zombies to stall them for a while which I found hilarious. Lots of levelling is required to make even the first level passable. Not because the shooting is hard but because after a couple of hits your little soldier dies. After a few hours though I managed to unlock more levels and get my damage up to a respectable degree.

I can imagine this game being more fun as mindless undead killing, because as an arena shooter it isn’t that good. The strengths of this game don’t play to precision movement, timing and shooting but to blasting the brains out zombies with a few mates and a flaming shotgun. And a final thought: Don’t have a character called Private Hint and then have him say stupid things like “Chuck McJagger! I heard you was dead!” constantly. That is not useful.
  • Funky music
  • Fun with friends
  • Nice cartoony look

  • Still no online co-op
  • I died loads of frustrating deaths
  • Not a great port
  • Stupid NPCs
  • Probably better on consoles

The redeeming features are the style and music. The fact that it can get repetitive when solo means it will get relegated to my 'play when bored/friends come over' pile. There are quite a few better arena shooters or twin stick shooters out there, although many aren’t multiplayer - Waves comes highly recommended. Joey seemed to enjoy the console original AZMD, so maybe try that before you purchase this spin-off.

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All Zombies Must Die: Scorepocalypse Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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