TheIndieJar: More Free Indie Games!

TheIndieJar: More Free Indie Games!

You cheap bastards. I was going to put Realm of the Mad God in here but now it’s on Steam… so whatever. Take these and be away with ye.

City of Doom.

Developer: Shark Arm Bros
Price: Free
Download it: Here

A re-envisioning of a NES game with the same name. Fight off alien bugs as you climb to the top of a tower – the kind of simple premise that arcade games used to have. A nice touch is that they use more than one side of the building; this gives the otherwise old looking game a new angle. You can see the 2D surfaces shifting in 3D which reminded me of FEZ a little, not that they’re related, I just really want to play FEZ. There are three guns and some difficult bosses, so it may take a few tries to perfect a run through of it. Just like in the good old days.

The Wager

Developer: Surprised Man Games
Price: Free
Download it: Here

A game originally made for Ludum Dare but was elaborated on afterwards. The strongest point of this title is the funny writing. You sign a wager with Leister Marwood to explore the shattered isles and make more money than him in a year, and over this year you will encounter randomised events while surveying islands and sailing seas; each has multiple choices that can effect how much bounty you gain and/or how many of your crew members are killed.

I dare you to get the best ending to the Ghost Pirate encounter.

Hyper Princess Pitch

Developer: Remar Games
Price: Free
Download it: Here

Apparently the Princess is a character from one of this dev’s other games. She doesn’t like the fact that Mecha-Santa won’t give her presents so she goes to blow him up – this means you get to play a christmas themed SmashTV with explosions, lasers, rainbows and bricks. There are many difficulty levels, secret combos and achievements to get once you’ve had a run through, so despite there only being four levels you will want to have another go!

Also, I am in love with whoever voices Princess Pitch. Just sayin’.

Gravity Bone

Developer: Blendo Games
Price: Free
Download it: Here

Famous for Atom Zombie Smasher, BLENDO Games made this really short title disguised as a longer one. I’m not entirely sure what’s going on story-wise, but all the little bits fit together nicely. It was built with the Quake engine – I’m not sure why it was but you can tell when you jump or die. You play a spy in a world of blocky people, but in a higher definition than Minecraft. At the start of each mission you are told to find a furnace room where a talking briefcase elaborates on your task, and most of the game involves platforming and breaking into rooms with a hammer.

The Cat That Got the Milk

Developer: Ollie Clarke, Jon Mann, Helana Santos, Chris Randle
Price: Free
Play it: Here

Another quick one with simple controls. Up and down move you in those directions while doing nothing sends you right. You must navigate colourful moving mazes that look like paintings by Miro and Kandinsky. The game is less about winning and more about looking and listening to what you’re moving through, and with an abstract and ambient soundtrack in the background it sets a nice mood. The gameplay isn’t amazingly refined and if you want a true challenge try Sophie Houlden’s Swift*Stitch. They also have the music available on Bandcamp if you’re into that.

The Fourth Wall

Developer: Team Pig Trigger
Price: Free
Download it: Here

A clever use of the wrap around feature, commonplace in old 2D platformers. These DigiPen students took that and gave it to you as a spatial puzzle solving mechanic. You play as a wizard with the ability to freeze the screen frame so you can walk out one end and in the other. The game’s graphics are quite grey and monotone but it’s free so that leaves me with little to complain about. Avoid lava and reach the exit through otherwise impenetrable walls, and as you complete the story your little wizard grows up. Lovely.

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  1. Bobbeh
    March 6, 2012, 7:19 am

    I still find it amazing that in this day and age, with all these massive companies saying that, next gen games you will only be able to play them once so that they don’t lose profit, that will still have indie companies churning out quality games for free. I think it’s brilliant. Well done

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